Surveillance systems allow you access to your home while you are away providing confidence and peace of mind as you go through your day. During an incident the authorities want to see what happened. As an employer you wish to keep an eye on stock, the back door and employee productivity. Surveillance systems are not just for security anymore they are valuable tools to help you get things done. We consult and install systems that can be viewed from any mobile device and exist independent from the cloud so you have full control of your info without the wasteful subscriptions or additional charges.




2. FEWER FALSE ALARMS saving you a costly bill and saving the resources and strain on our public servants.

3. CONVENIENCE to be anywhere in the world and check in via your mobile devices.

  • * Check in with the kids when away
  • * View the pets throughout the day
  • * See that package delivery
  • * Monitor employees on the job

4. CRIME DETERRANT: Homes with camera systems are proven to be less of a target.

5. View multiple sites from one location remotely.

6. EASY FUTURE PROOF SYSTEMS: IP cameras are better for upgrading than old coax cable solutions, better resolution, better analytics. The new technology is IP.

A Surveillance system is an investment Professionally installed systems in your home or business takes the burden off of you and provides you with peace of mind knowing you have a system designed for your specific needs.

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