Our Mission

In today’s world of large conglomerate corporations, many of the values and relationships we have enjoyed with service companies back in the day have come and gone. These large corporations pick and choose what they want to do which results in only partly serving the customers needs. Since you are one of a thousand (or maybe a hundred thousand) customers, these companies have no motivation to understand your particular needs and adjust their service accordingly.


We have been protecting, programming, and creating solutions for our customers since 2000. We help the small home owner and small business with basic monitoring and surveillance needs, commercial and industrial owners with their security and access control and full service custom solutions in high end residential projects. Our services are tailored to the job at hand and no boxed-up solutions.


We take great pride in using parts from only the best manufactures. Our partners are renowned for making the most reliable and consistent performing parts in the industry allowing the customer to have complete trust in their systems. We will always be there for our customers and will stand behind each and every product used and installed.


We have the skill-set and the abilities to think differently than other companies. We are open to unconventional ideas instead of the one size fits all or standard basic system approach. We strive to continuously attempt to offer new services that satisfy each customer’s interests and needs.


We are always looking to the future to preempt any problem s that may arise. W e keep in m ind al l possible outcomes and adjust accordingly to the situation. We understand that every project is personal to you, your family, and or your business. We do all we can from scheduling to completion to complete your project on time and with ease.


We will always provide straightforward and truthful information about the products and services we provide. We will never purposefully hide anything from our customers, nor will we ever use a bait and switch tactic. We take into consideration the ethical nature of each of our actions and decisions. Our technicians and installers are background checked professionals with you and your family’s safety in mind.


Our employees are personable and go out of their way to make each customer feel like family.Taking care of the you and your project is our most important task each day.
Background checked and trained to respect your home, business or property as if it were our own.Courteous and up front, you can count on our staff members to do what they say and follow through.


We believe in developing relationships with each customer which means that the relationship is a “two-way street” allowing Atlanta Automation and Security, LLC and you the customer to learn from one another. Formulate solutions that ultimately benefit the project, your home, and your business , while providing peace of mind as a security client. We will be there for you and for many other services we will stay by our work.

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